Thursday, October 11, 2012

Butang Pack Jimat!!

Butang Pack Jimat!!
Betul2 JIMAT!!!

50pcs Flora Buttons
50pcs Donut Buttons
50pcs 18mm Round Buttons
100pcs Bright 12mm Round Buttons
50pcs Love Buttons
50pcs Flower Buttons
50pcs Pastel Love Buttons
50pcs Tiny Round Buttons 4-holes
50pcs Tiny Round Buttons 2-holes
50pcs Tiny Assorted Round Buttons 4 holes
50pcs Bright Assorted Round Buttons

Price : RM50
SAVE UP TO RM18!!!!!!


For order, just email to
Or sms/Whatsapp to 010-9644622 (Aya)

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