Saturday, March 16, 2013

Buttons Snack V.6


Buttons Snack V.6

Price : RM50

Contains : 
50pcs Round Buttons 2holes 15mm
50pcs Round buttons 12mm
50pcs Round Buttons 4holes 15mm
50pcs Tiny mini buttons 6mm
50pcs Smarties Buttons 12mm
50pcs Donut Buttons 13mm
50pcs Tiny Round Buttons 2holes 8.9mm
50pcs Heart buttons 11mm
50pcs Candy Tiny Round Buttons 8.9mm
50pcs Round 4holes buttons 8.9mm
50pcs Love Buttons 13mm
50pcs Donut Buttons 11mm
50pcs Bright Flower Buttons 12mm
50pcs Flower Buttons 11mm
50pcs Bright Assorted Buttons

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or SMS to --- 010-9644622 / 012-8989143(aya)

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